At Flight Studio our ethos is to back up the best possible Flight Experience Days in the Cambridge area, with the very best hospitality. We have recently introduced a range of speciality tea, alongside our usual range of hot and cold drinks; all complimentary of course.

Our flight simulator participants and virtual passengers can sip a drink of their choice while flying through our virtual aerospace – Ah this is the life!

But, what else can we do to make our customers feel special? If it is your birthday ‘on’ the day of your visit, PLEASE, let us know. Harry B was 18 today so we bought Cup Cakes for him and his family, oh, and Captain Pete of course!!!

Virtual Aviation is Flight Studio’s business right here in and around Cambridgeshire, but we know hospitality plays a massive role in the delivery of our services – If you guys have any suggestions please e-mail them to: [email protected]


Andrew (MD)