At Flight Studio Cambridge we are ‘always’ thinking about how we can make our flight simulator products and experience days better than that of the competition. To date we have not found a ‘Virtual Passenger’ experience which caters for participant spectators.

On a typical Flight Studio Flight Simulator Experience day right here in Cambridge, we nearly always see three or four spectators with each participant. Our spectators get to watch all the action via a live camera feed on a 55 inch HD display in the reception area. We often get told how realistic the flight simulator is by the participant and how realistic it looks by the spectators; now we are going to be offering up to three spectators the opportunity to become ‘Virtual Passengers’ – They will now be able to ‘live the experience’ too!!!

Flight Studio is proud to announce that we have placed an order for a high quality motion cueing system. This system will move the virtual passengers through three degrees of motion: Pitch, Roll & Heave as well as allow them to feel the engine vibrations, turbulence and of course… the pilot’s landing!!!

The new motion simulator will be placed in a room with a 180 degree visual system and full sound system. Virtual Aviation Passengers will get a cockpit jump seat view (something that is not possible in commercial aviation anymore) of the whole flight their friend or loved one is flying; Is the captain up to the job? – You, can be the judge!

We believe the new motion simulator will be a fantastic asset to normal Flight Simulator Experiences as well as our Corporate Entertainment days. Another use will be for our soon to be launched ‘Fear Of Flying’ courses; this will enable candidates to overcome their fears whilst actually experiencing the sensations and feelings they most fear.